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Menopause Support Groups

Menopause support groups, whether they are online forums and chats, or local meetings, are a great way to connect with people you know can relate to what you’re going through.

As much as we instinctively look to our partners, children, and extended family for understanding, we sometimes cannot find that. Through no fault of their own, they simply haven’t experienced the mental, hormonal and emotional changes.

And often, when we are in the process of redefining ourselves, we spark changes in others. So, they may be going through their own readjustments, and unable to offer the friendship we may crave.

Menopause support groups offer a way to express and chart our own journeys, as well as find mirrors to our experience in the sharing of others. They can help us feel less isolated. And sometimes it is easier to talk about things away from your direct family circle. There are some issues you may just not feel comfortable discussing with them. Or perhaps you just don’t want to have to ‘explain’ exactly how or why you feel as you do, all the time.

Through menopause support groups, you can gain an idea of how different treatments, both natural and medical, worked for others. Some online menopause support groups, such as Power Surge, have expert guests that share their knowledge and experiences in hosted online chats. And the forums are a great way to meet other women, offering the possibility of new friends that may last for the rest of your life.

read how to find a menopause support groupTo find menopause support groups in your local area, check with your doctor, or a women’s clinic. Health departments may have information also.

If you’re unable to find a group in your area, this could be an opportunity knocking! You may be the perfect person to start one!

Local public centers or churches may be able to offer a room for no charge to host the meetings. You can put up signs at churches, in the local newspaper, and at the doctor’s office. If you have web skills, you could put up a small website to advertise with and keep in touch with people, sharing news.

If you find a menopause support group, expect to see a wide range of ages represented.

Some women start menopause as early as 30. You will likely be expected to share your menopause story, and perhaps a little about your family, by way of introduction.

If this is too much at first, try to find a polite way to ‘stay anonymous’ for a few meetings. But this is simply a way to connect with people. By opening up to the women there, you will get the most out of the experience. If you’re very shy, online menopause support groups and forums are a good way to start.