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After Menopause – Let The Fun Begin!

It’s official – 65% of women who are post menopausal reported that their lives improved after menopause, in a survey called The Jubilee Report.

Whilst this was not a large survey (covering only 200 women over the age of 50), it is a nice antidote to a lot of the feelings of loss and negativity that our youth (and reproductive) oriented culture encourage in older women.

Life after menopause is flourishing. A good 75% of women surveyed said they were having more fun, whilst a massive 93% reported more choice and independence.

In ‘Midlife New Life’ author Judith Wills makes a point that the years after menopause need not be a recipe for depression. Perhaps the key to turning it into a journey of celebration, lies in adjusting our own expectations about our body. Instead of trying to ‘turn back the clock’, and chase a level of fitness and imperviousness that we may have had in our 20’s, where there was little regard for the consequences something may have had on our body (including food choices), perhaps a more useful experience is developing a relationship with what supports us now.

This extends to ideas about fertility, and what they hold for us emotionally, as well as the idea that to be beautiful is to be wrinkle free. How many mask-like faces of celebrities do we need to see to realize the ugliness in botox?

life after menopauseSometimes when things change, we are quick to look at the negatives, and we adjust our expectations too much in the opposite direction. So, instead of seeing what can be done with our postmenopausal years, we oscillate to a pole that doesn’t reflect our current potential. And if we don’t start to see that potential, how can we hope to live it?

One of the areas that can cause confusion for many women is when they are confronted with post menopause symptoms that they thought would not affect them after menopause. It can help to understand a little more about what these symptoms may signify, as well as putting them in the context of what other women have felt.

Anxiety that is sometimes felt when women ponder their health after menopause can be alleviated by understanding what is going on in their bodies, and why sometimes there is a longer adjustment phase. It can help us from jumping to conclusions based on our fears and preconceptions.

Ultimately, life after menopause IS a time for great celebration. By rewriting our own roadmaps, we can begin to chart that path with greater awareness.

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