Exploring the Effect of Menopause On Life

//Exploring the Effect of Menopause On Life

Exploring the Effect of Menopause On Life

To begin with, someone should come up with a better term for menopause other than referring to it as the change. Men go through it, yet they are not labeled as such; but that’s another topic for another article. Suddenly, the Harry Chapin song seems appropriate, “All my life’s a circle; sunrise to sundown…” Perhaps menopause should be redefined as part of the circle of life.

It can certainly be said that most women who go through menopause have a positive outlook during the entire time. Perhaps it’s a byproduct of not having to go through menstrual cycles any longer, or suffering through PMS, or simply looking forward to enjoying life and intimacy on a whole new level.

Even though the symptoms accompanying menopause can be irritating, to say the least, it doesn’t in any way diminish a woman or her role in society. In fact, there is no neurological disorder associate with menopause. Whether or not a woman experiences depression during this time is not any different than any other time in her life. The notion that a woman in menopause is somehow labeled as having emotional problems is ludicrous. So too is the stereotypical derogatory terms used just before a woman’s monthly cycle.

To say that life changes occur about the same time as menopause is another false notion. Woman change every day; one thing has nothing to do with the other. Yes, children grow up, parents become old, and decisions are made which alter one’s course in life; but that is the point. Changes are made based upon our needs; our desire to change; to develop and grow; to become empowered by those changes. Menopause is just a fact of life. It neither changes nor diminishes a woman, but makes her stronger.

While it may no longer be true that menopause is a stigma, but to look upon it as a normal part of the circle which allows every woman to continue to enjoy life to its fullest. On the other hand, if one takes the viewpoint that menopause is the beginning of the end, it will eventually become a disruptive and difficult adjustment to accept.

Change is sometimes difficult, even under the best of circumstances. Whether you have to move from a residence you’ve lived in for half your life, or if your spouse dies; these times require periods of grief and regret. It’s a natural and necessary course one must take. However, menopause does not need to invoke feelings of doom. Instead of fighting it; embrace it. If help is needed, there are so many support groups available to help you through it. No one said life was going to easy; and this particular cycle of life is no exception.

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