Understanding The Effects Of Early Menopause

//Understanding The Effects Of Early Menopause

Understanding The Effects Of Early Menopause

early menopauseWhile it is estimated that some women can experience the onset of perimenopause and menopause beginning in their 30’s, early menopause can cause great anxiety.

What are the affects of early menopause?

While most people associate menopause with older women, it can occur in younger women as well.

Any women who is going through the full menopause cycle before the age of 40, is considered to be experiencing premature menopause.

Imagine the emotional affect this can have on a young woman. In addition to the associated symptoms of menopause, experiencing this premature cycle can add another level of emotion which could be just as devastating.

Some of the causes of premature menopause are: premature ovarian failure, in which your body’s immune system attacks itself causing your ovaries to stop functioning.

Early menopause can also be induced by surgery.

So too, if you have had surgery either to remove the ovaries or a full hysterectomy, your hormone levels drop instantly and you will experience instant menopause.

Even if you do not have your ovaries removed during a hysterectomy, the ovaries may be damaged during the surgical procedure or the blood flow to the ovaries may be affected resulting in early menopause.

In addition, early menopause may also be derived by having your tubes tied. Other causes of early menopause include excessive weight loss associated with anorexia.

So, what’s the cause?

To determine the cause of premature menopause, it is necessary to ask your mom at what age she became menopausal.

If there is a lack of estrogen, it is more likely that premature menopause will lead to menopausal symptoms which include: hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, joint discomfort, change in skin, and sleep disturbances.

These tend to be more severe for younger woman who are in menopause, than it is by women who experience menopause naturally.

If you are among many women who are going through menopause at an early age, it may help you to join a support group to help you through this rough time.

Seek the advice of your doctor to determine if this in. in fact, premature menopause or something else.

More importantly, losing the ability to have children is devastating and the time should be taken to grieve. The support of family and friends is crucial at this time.

Finally, understand and experience the loss. Your feelings and thoughts should be expressed in an honest and forthright manner.

Remember, this is not your fault; it just simply happens. You will be going through many emotions at this time, and adding guilt to them will not alleviate the pain.

There are always alternatives which you can discuss at a later date, but for now, be good to you and allow yourself the time you need to mourn.

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